Flip'n Words

Flip'n Words is an ever-changing word search game where up to six players compete to find words hidden on a hexagonal game board.

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Uniquely challenging family word game!

This tabletop word search game is fun to play with up to six family members or friends.
Catch hidden words before others see them.

How To Play


The game is small enough to fit on an airplane tray or back seat of your car.

Ready To Play?

Simple to play:
On each turn, a player:

  • flips over a single tile
  • attempts to make a word from consecutively-adjacent letters
    If a word is found:
  • the player calls out the word
  • scores the word (see below)
  • replaces the tiles in the word with new upside-down tiles from the replacement pile or bag.

Rules might change. So the latest rules are online.